Amy (left) and her friend from the UK

“In the morning I take fruits, maybe soya yoghurt and a toast with jam for breakfast. I was vegetarian for two years. Since three weeks I’ve been vegan and it’s working well. I decided to be vegan, because of three main-reasons: health, environment and animal cruelty. To be vegan makes me feel better and happier.”



Rita Buholzer from Switzerland

“When I’m not here at the market in Lucerne, I get up at 6.00 am. First of all, I take a cup of hot coffee. It wouldn’t work without. After that, my husband and I begin to cut tulips and salad on our field. That we can go with all our flowers to the market for selling them at the next day.”


The artist Emmi Valve from Finnland

“I’m an artist. That means I can divide time like I want to. So most of my mornings are stressless. My husband brings me usually breakfast in the bed, like coffee and fajitas. Of course not those Mexican fajitas. My husband -yes real Finnish and also an artist- and I invented the breakfast fajitas with cream cheese and blueberries. After breakfast I decide if I go to the studio or not. My husband and I’ve rule that we can’t be at the same time in the studio… I’m not going to tell you more about that.. Haha.. The studio is like a basement and it’s kinda shitty. But it works. It could be worse. When I go to the studio, I consider what I’m going to draw and start with my passion: painting.”



Johannes Fuchs from Appenzell, Switzerland

“I attach importance to eat breakfast with the family. Around 7.30 am we meet at our dining table and eat bread with some traditional Appenzeller Chääs (it’s a cheese) or muesli with milk. For drink green tea. For work I just need to go downstairs. On the ground floor of our house, I run my own business. I build “Hackbretter”. These are traditional Swiss instruments.”


Andria from Nashville, USA

“I get up around 6 o’clock in the morning. After that I drink coffee, eat my protein bar and check my social media, like snapchat and instagram. But I also like to read some magazines while drinking coffee. InStyle is my favorite. After that I usually workout, if it’s a good day. I have a gym in my building. So I do cardio around 30 minutes. I feel good and fit with my morning routine.”


Antonio from Switzerland

“I enjoy every morning, because I can. I’m retired. I don’t have a fixed time when I should get up or something like that. I take it as it comes. Nevertheless I eat a balanced breakfast. With that I mean a bircher muesli with some fresh berries, banana and Cornflakes. For drink 1 liter black tea. And that since twenty years. I drink that much, because of my wife and my doctor. They both said I need to drink more. And I think it’s working quite good – as I said – since 20 years.” *laugh*


Book (right) and her friend from Thailand

“I eat rice and omelet for breakfast. We don’t use dairy products. So instead we take oil for the omelet. That’s also pretty delicious. To the omelet we add some vegetables. For drink I take a cold water. After breakfast it’s already time to go to school, because at 8.30 am we need to be ready in our classroom.”

By the way.. They were on a school trip in Switzerland. How cool is that?!


Ellise from Scotland

“Where I live there’s, like, a lot of forest. If I had more time in the morning, I would take my dog for a walk. He looks like scooby doo. I wouldn’t get up earlier for that than normal (8.00 am). I’m not a morning person.”


The cool Ian, 12 y/o

“I should get up at 7.00 am. It’s a bit too early for me. When I really get up it’s already 7.15 am. I actually don’t eat breakfast, because I’m not hungry in the morning. I just drink every morning a cold chocolate. Sometimes my mom urges me to eat a bread smeared with jam. When I  finally arrive at school with the bus, I usually play soccer with my friends before class begins.”

By the way, yes he was really fishing here! It’s one of his hobbies.. Maybe it becomes one day his routine.. His morning routine… And then we’ll meet again!


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